Symbol of our life

This is for you …………..

If you take pills for your anxiety.

If you take pills for not having sleep.

If you think to suicide.

Generally we don’t find the root cause of problem in our life. Suppose if i have headache and just massage on head that is not the solution. The solution is that we have to find the cause of headache. In same way if we feel depressed, anxiety then if we find the root cause that will help us. I will describe here three steps. If you follow these continuously hopefully no need of any pills.

Step – I

To find the root cause of our depression just we need pause our life. Just pause for few moments. may be that moments is whole day or may be few hours. The cause may be in 3 category.

  1. Caused by our relatives 2. Caused by nature 3. Caused by our mind

Now after finding the category we have to think is there any hope for solution ? If there is any solution so that’s fine. Just do it and forget everything. If there is not any solution then apply the next step.

Step – II

Now in this step the solution is not on our hand. So what to do ?

Firstly practice breathing exercise. 24 hours x 7 days practice inhale & exhale slowly. Not very fast. Take deep breath and leave it very slow. If you can’t change anything then better concentrate on another thing. Whatever your daily routine do that but do this exercise until sleep from get up from bed.

Secondly find out 30 minutes in two slots, mean 1 hour daily for chanting the names. Whatever our belief is, whether we are Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and others we have different names of Supreme personality in different religion. Chant those names loudly so that you can hear your own chanting. If you want the best result you can comment your email id in comment section. I will contact you personally.

Thirdly We have to do more what we like very much. If I like music then I should listen music. If i like watching movie then watch movie. If i like to play any game then I should play that particular game. Almost we have to make a schedule in such a way that whole time engage in a busy schedule.

Step – III

Finally everything depends on The Supreme Lord. So fully surrender on Him. In my experience all the suicide attempts are from atheists. Any living entity never suffers due to lack of sleeping except human being. Study our spiritual scriptures remove our stress. It has empowered by Lord. If some time study these scriptures we get positive energy. But always study the old testament. Because in all religion the new testaments are compiled by faulty men. It is very tough to get right authority to get the new testament of holy scriptures.

So these are few steps to reduce our stress. To get practical more tips you can write me mail.

Thank You

Author: Abhiram Nimai Das

Simple living High Thinking


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