Controlling Anger

Anger is one letter short of Danger

The Mahabharata says that, while ordinary arrows cut us once, the arrow of our words ‘burn the heart day and night.

Harbouring anger in the heart is another problem, as it consumes us with negative thoughts. Lord Buddha said that retaining anger is like ‘holding a live coal intending to throw it at someone else.”

Srila Prabhupada, The Founder Acharya of ISKCON said : Anger (krodha) is the product of lust (kama), the result of the mode of passion. Lust and anger are the all-devouring enemies that destroy the good qualities of the human being and the desire for spiritual realization. Anger is unavoidable in material life because the desire for sense gratification naturally leads to frustration. From anger, delusion arises which causes loss of intelligence. Devotees learn to control anger, realizing it is the foremost enemy on the path of developing our Krishna consciousness.

If i want to control my anger, this is impossible. There are so many courses and modules about anger management. Nothing fruitful. Because by courses & modules anger can not be controlled. It need practice.

As we came to know that anger is the result of the mode of passion, We can not control our anger until our life style based on mode of passion. We have to develop our standard of living from mode of passion to mode of goodness. Due to our mode of ignorance & mode of passion we never satisfied our senses. So when our senses are unsatisfied and get any hindrance then we become angry.

If a small child wants to get a toy and he couldn’t get it then he starts to cry in anger. So it never depend on age, sex and position.

How can we reach mode of goodness ?

Our mode is depends on our eating-sleeping habits. If we eat fresh, lively foods & go to deep sleep in the midnight & get up from bed before sunrise, then we can reduce our ignorance & passion. And by practicing these we can reach the quality of goodness. At that time automatically we never become angry. No need to control anger.

Quotes of Srila Prabhupada ( Founder Acharya : ISKCON )

Author: Abhiram Nimai Das

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