Real Love

Difference between real love and material love

All the living entity expect love & express love. But no one is satisfied.

If you look the most ferocious animal, they also have a tendency to love each other. So that mean may be our behavior is so ferocious but we are bound by a loving relationship. Why we are not satisfied with loving someone and we can not be satisfied with love.

If we love something materialistic then our love can not be permanent. Generally when a boy looks a girl he bewilder by her beauty or vice versa. But this beauty is not permanent beauty. That’s why we are not satisfied with each other’s love.

There is no cheating in loving relationship

When animals love each other there is no chances of separation except death. But in our society separation is so common. This is the demotion of our culture.

There is no separation

We never see a separation between monkeys. But they are the first to enjoy sex life. So why there is lack of love in human civilization ?

We human are built to get a higher destination in life. But due to our animal like consciousness we fall in same category. The animals never stressed due to lack of love naturally. Because they are degraded living beings. They have no such higher consciousness like humans.  
Suppose if i have 1 lakh rupee but i spend it in gambling that means i misuse my wealth. So I have to suffer for that. In the same way we have the human form. If we invest this life into the materialistic things then we have to suffer. If we are attracted to such temporary matters then suffering is sure. But if we are attracted by some eternal things then we can satisfy someone and also be satisfied in someone’s love. How is it possible ?

A wise person always love to the eternal soul

Some time when we see lovers they have such a nice relationship before marriage but they separate after few years of marriage. They stayed away when they were not married, they also had a good relationship. But after coming each other, problems arise. So when they are away their hearts are very close but as soon as they came close, the two hearts went far away. Because that is not real love. Real love is that if we love the eternal soul who is sitting inside the heart. If we love the super-soul who is eternal part and parcel of Lord then we try to satisfy that super-soul and automatically that body satisfied. This is the process of love.

This super-soul is living inside the heart of every living entity. So if we try to love this hidden person within the body of living being then we can satisfy other by loving relationship and we too can be satisfied by love.

There is always pain in material love

Finally if we try to satisfy the supreme personality of Godhead, then we automatically satisfied. Because He is the source of loving energy. He has full of love. If we want to taste the mango then we have to go to someone who has a lot of mangoes. Similarly if we want to get love then we have to go to someone who has a lot of love and He is the supreme Lord.

We search a better thing but in wrong place. That’s why we suffer.

Thank You

Author: Abhiram Nimai Das

Simple living High Thinking

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