The effort of a good parent change our future

Hare Krishna,

I am a preacher, I like to share my thoughts. So I write here. Hope you will benefited from this.

Science & Spirituality

Modern research is confirming the Vedic viewpoint that human life is meant for more than the pursuit of material Imagine a farmer who gets a Mercedes Benz as a gift. The only vehicle he has ever seen is a tractor, and the only purpose he knows for any vehicle is plowing. So he hitches a … Continue reading “Science & Spirituality”

Controlling Anger

The Mahabharata says that, while ordinary arrows cut us once, the arrow of our words ‘burn the heart day and night. Harbouring anger in the heart is another problem, as it consumes us with negative thoughts. Lord Buddha said that retaining anger is like ‘holding a live coal intending to throw it at someone else.” … Continue reading “Controlling Anger”

Lock down of Brain

We all are familiar with the term lock down. Isn’t it ? Do you think are we already locked down ? Definitely yes. We are locked down. Not due to covid-19 pandemic. From many many years. Years after year. We are forced to to think only about our family, nation and religion. We can’t think … Continue reading “Lock down of Brain”

Real Love

All the living entity expect love & express love. But no one is satisfied. If you look the most ferocious animal, they also have a tendency to love each other. So that mean may be our behavior is so ferocious but we are bound by a loving relationship. Why we are not satisfied with loving … Continue reading “Real Love”


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